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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering 0% finance on our ex-demo and clearance bikes. Finance applications can be made via email in three easy steps.

  1. Register on our website here
  2. Send us an email including the name of the bike you are interested in, your full name, address, Silverfish UK account number, email address and mobile number
  3. Fill out the application provided to you via email or text by our finance partner

Emails should be sent to with the subject reading “Finance Application”.

For further details you can visit our Finance FAQ page. Alternatively you can make your finance application during office hours by phone.

Tel:01752 843 882

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Eclipse - Inner Tube
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Eclipse Inner Tubes - The World's Lightest Bicycle Tube!

Manufactured from completely new materials, Eclipse inner tubes are not only lighter than anything else on the market (a road tube is just 29grams!) but they also offer massively improved puncture resistance over conventional tubes too. Weight savings can be as much as ⅓ lb off a pair of conventional road bike inner tubes, ½ lb+ on XC and AM rigs, and as much as 1½ lbs off your DH sled. These new tubes are a fraction of the weight of everything else out there, and most importantly, it's rotating weight that you are shedding so the weight savings will be immediately apparent. A rotating mass is a heavier mass, so by saving just a few grams of rotational weight in a set of tyres or wheels will earn you significant dividends out on the road or trail. That translates into faster acceleration and quicker handling without the risk of 'burping' that you sometimes encounter whilst running low pressures on tubeless setups. The word 'light' doesn't even do them justice.

  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Better flat protection
  • DIN Plus tested
  • Repairable with Eclipse patch
  • World Cup tested
  • Swiss made
  • Valve length 45mm - suitable for rim depths of 37.5mm. 40mm Valve Extender also available here

Tube R1825 is NOT suitable for use with carbon braking surfaces. The heat during braking can burst the inner tube

20" x 1.5"-2.125"39g
24" x 1.5"-2.125"49g
26" x 1.5"-2.125"56g
26" x 1.5"-2.25"-2.6"69g
700 x 18-25mm29g
700 x 28-45mm*58g

*700 x 28-45mm fits 27.5" x 1.5"-2.25" and 29" x 1.5"-2.25"