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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering 0% finance on our ex-demo and clearance bikes. Finance applications can be made via email in three easy steps.

  1. Register on our website here
  2. Send us an email including the name of the bike you are interested in, your full name, address, Silverfish UK account number, email address and mobile number
  3. Fill out the application provided to you via email or text by our finance partner

Emails should be sent to with the subject reading “Finance Application”.

For further details you can visit our Finance FAQ page. Alternatively you can make your finance application during office hours by phone.

Tel:01752 843 882

Representative Example:

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Frequently Asked Questions - TURNER
Where are Turner's made?
The frame ideas and designs come from a world none of us can really understand, no not another planet, but David Turners mind. All of the design works is done in Murrieta, CA; in a tiny office with insufficient air conditioning in the summer and not enough heat in the winter. Out of the same office we handle all of the marketing, sales, quality control and final assembly. Every frame is loved wit...
Which size is correct for me?
We give the best possible size range chart for the general rider for each one of our frames. Check out the sizing chart of the frame you are interested in to get an idea of the proper sizing. Our feeling is that the most important dimension is the top tube length. Our recommendation would be, if you currently have a frame you are comfortable with, measure the top tube length of that frame, horizo...
What maintenance is required on my pivot bearings?
Our pivots are specially designed to give you many hours of trouble free usage with easy maintenance. Each pivot is fitted with a custom made seal to help prevent contamination inside the bushing and pivot shaft surface. Second we have a grease port on all five of our pivots allowing you to grease each one without disassembling them. We recommend that pivots be lubed via the zerk fittings every 1...
Do Turner frames have a replaceable derailleur hanger?
Yes, every Turner frame has a replaceable derailleur hanger. They are available through your local dealer or online in the Turner small parts' section. Please make sure you purchase the correct hanger for your application. We recommend having a spare as they can help avoid a long walk home!
Why does Turner use bushings (Journal Bearings) ?
The journal bearing design offers incredible strength and long life with very little maintenance. Bearings are designed with high-speed rotation in mind (skateboard wheels, drill motors etc.) The journal bearing we use has a purpose of holding a very tight tolerance along with carrying a load much greater than that produced by a bicycle frame, these two attributes we feel are essential to a great ...
How should I setup the rear air shock sag?
Start with body weight in the main air chamber. Get on the bike with all your riding gear, including water in the Camelbak, now check suspension sag. To do this, pull the little O-ring up on the shock shaft; now get off the bike gingerly as to not upset that measurement. Once off the bike, measure how much shock shaft is exposed above the O-ring. For proper setup you should measure about 30% of sa...
What Front Derailleur does my Turner require?
All dw-link Turner's use a 34.9mm, Top-pull, Bottom-swing, Traditional Clamp. Top-swing will NOT work.
What size seatpost does my dw-link Turner take?

All dw-link Turner's take a 30.9mm seatpost.

Pre-2009 Turners, horst-link or TNT, use a 27.2mm seatpost.

What are the torque wrench specifications for my Turner?
These Torque Wrench Specifications apply to all dw-link Turners: Main Pivot- 11 ft-lbs / 13.7 nm / 130 in-lbs. DW Link- 6.5 ft lbs / 9 nm / 80 in-lbs. Shock Bolts- 6.5 ft lbs / 9 nm / 80 in-lbs. Clevis Bolts- 6.5 ft lbs / 9 nm / 80 in-lbs. If this is at all confusing please consult your local Turner Dealer for the proper mechanical procedure and tools.
What is the warranty on my Turner?
2-year frame warranty Turner will repair or replace any Turner frame, Only if we determine it to be defective due to materials and /or workmanship. This 2 year warranty applies to the frameset only (not including suspension components), ridden under normal conditions, properly maintained and is transferable to subsequent owners with original sales receipt. Turner Bikes will make replacement par...
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