Silverfish Finance

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering 0% finance on our ex-demo and clearance bikes. Finance applications can be made via email in three easy steps.

  1. Register on our website here
  2. Send us an email including the name of the bike you are interested in, your full name, address, Silverfish UK account number, email address and mobile number
  3. Fill out the application provided to you via email or text by our finance partner

Emails should be sent to with the subject reading “Finance Application”.

For further details you can visit our Finance FAQ page. Alternatively you can make your finance application during office hours by phone.

Tel:01752 843 882

Representative Example:

xcx plus banner.jpg
Frequently Asked Questions - COVE
What front mech will my Cove frame need?

The Cove Hustler, STD and Hooker all require a conventional swing, 34.9, top pull front mech.

What is the Warranty on my Cove frame?
At Cove Bikes, we design and build some of the toughest frames in the industry. Each of our models is purpose-built and tested to perform at the highest level in its respective category. Our warranty policy outlines the specifics of each model and serves as a reference to ensure accuracy and fairness in all warranty and non-warranty situations. Cove frames are covered by a 1 year limited warranty ...
How can i find out what year the frame is?
There are several ways to tell what age of frame you have, your best bet would be to contact your local Cove dealer, or you can contact us to find out.
Can a Hustler 2006 link plate be replaced with the 2010?
The latest Hustler link plates can be retro-fitted to the older model Hustler frames. The new link plates weigh 235g for the pair including bearings.
Can a Hustler take a 160mm fork?
The Hustler frame is designed to be run with a 150mm (or 520mm axle to crown height) travel fork maximum, but rides best with a fork in the 130mm-140mm range.
What is the bb size on the cove shocker?
The Cove Shocker use's an 83mm BB shell.
Is the rear end of the Cove STD 135 or 150mm width?
The Cove STD along with the Shocker, has a 150mm x 12mm back end. .
What front mech is best for use a G-Spot?
The Cove G Spot requires a conventional (high band), top pull front mech. .
What seatpost size do I need for a Cove Hummer?
The new Hummer needs a 30.0mm seat post as do all the aluminum Cove frames. .
What travel fork can I run on my Cove Stiffee?
The Cove Stiffee can run anything from 100mm - 150mm fork or 520mm axle to crown length. The frame has a 66 degree head angle based on a 130mm fork. .
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