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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering 0% finance on our ex-demo and clearance bikes. Finance applications can be made via email in three easy steps.

  1. Register on our website here
  2. Send us an email including the name of the bike you are interested in, your full name, address, Silverfish UK account number, email address and mobile number
  3. Fill out the application provided to you via email or text by our finance partner

Emails should be sent to with the subject reading “Finance Application”.

For further details you can visit our Finance FAQ page. Alternatively you can make your finance application during office hours by phone.

Tel:01752 843 882

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Dear customer,

We are currently experiencing some problems with online credit card payments.
If you have any issues please phone 01752 843882, or email and we will be happy to help you.

The Silverfish team, 1st July 2017.

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The buzz surrounding DVO suspension continues to roll on, gather more momentum and shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon. When they first released the Emerald DH fork the internet and world’s media went wild, but this reached a whole new level and intensity when the trail crushing, single crown Diamond enduro fork hit the market in 2015.

Then again, the mountain biking world has never seen a new brand with as much experience and expertise behind them as the DVO Suspension crew. They’ve taken the ultimate evolution of their decades of experience to a whole new level of performance with a totally no holds barred technology and development strategy. DVO’s Emerald fork has already been blitzing the World Cup DH circuit in a stellar first year. Now the Diamond brings that same stand out performance into a remarkably affordable 140-160mm travel, 27.5 or 29in wheel Enduro/Trail format. As you’d expect rebound and high/low speed damping are easily adjustable externally but the Diamond goes next level with DIY tuning. The OTT “Off The Top” adjustable negative spring comes straight from the Emerald to adjust initial feel, sag levels and overall spring rate. Diamond and Jade also introduce an industry first compression rather than expansion oil bladder to increase stroke sensitivity and reliability. The ‘Loader’ high speed compression circuit can be easily removed for full pro level tuning without disturbing the rest of the fork or shock, giving pro pit tuning options at your local trail head.

2016 sees the new Topaz rear air shock released and just like the rest of the DVO line-up you can expect performance to be at its heart. Like the Jade coil shock the Topaz benefits from external cooling fins to maintain oil temperature and keep the shock performing on even the longest stage while an internal bladder system means the shock has superior small bump sensitivity and initial stoke. If that isn’t enough then flick the T3 lever between the three compression settings for perfect on-the-fly performance.

With constant race testing and development DVO continue to push their knowledge and with decades of experience behind them they continue to construct high performance suspension products.

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